Tim Allen Dubs California a 'Socialist' State on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Tim Allen Dubs California a 'Socialist' State on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Comedian Tim Allen slips in a conservative message or two on his ABC sitcom Last Man Standing.

This week, he gave the audience at Jimmy Kimmel Live a taste of his ideological humor. The Golden State took the blow, and the audience howled right along.

Kimmel set up Allen’s appearance by discussing the state’s tourism woes and the apparent lack of hotel space behind it. Allen, crouching in front of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, suggested people can sleep on the street given the state’s glorious, mild weather. And, of course, its government policies will do the rest.

“I’m saying because there are no hotel rooms, you can sleep anywhere in Los Angeles because we’re kind of a socialist state,” Allen said. “If you sleep on the street out here, you stay long enough, they start giving you free stuff. You’ll get a cell phone, Birkenstocks, cargo shorts and if you stay long enough – you get a free Tesla.”

Laughs and cheers ensued.


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