Nancy Pelosi to Deliver UC Berkeley Commencement Speech

Nancy Pelosi to Deliver UC Berkeley Commencement Speech

Nancy Pelosi has been selected to deliver this year’s commencement speech at UC Berkeley, one of the nation’s premier universities. The day after the announcement, on April 17, House Minority Leader Pelosi reportedly embraced her religious roots to “honor the dignity and work of immigrants” in a foot washing ceremony

Mrs. Pelosi washed the feet of two children alongside Bishop Marc Andrus in the Mission at St. John Evangelist Episcopalian Church in San Francisco.

The ritual coincided with Pope Francis’s similar ceremony in Rome to mark Holy Week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. President Obama had gifted Pelosi, just a few days before, with a rosary that was blessed by the pontiff following Obama’s visit to the Vatican.

Berkeley’s independent student newspaper released a list on their blog “The Daily Clog” of “10 things you need to know about Nancy Pelosi before she speaks at UC Berkeley’s commencement,” citing the list as the “most important facts about Pelosi that are absolutely essential.”

Among some of the crucial tidbits of information is fact number 10, which states that “her mother wanted her to be a nun, but with her five adult children, that dream clearly never worked out.” Fact number six calls attention to a YouTube video which the then-Speaker of the House posted five years ago featuring “her cats acting as politicians on Capitol Hill.”

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, on the university’s website, speaks of House Minority Leader Pelosi’s career as a “groundbreaking” representation of “the very best in public service for our state, our country and the world.” The ceremony will be taking place at California Memorial Stadium on Saturday, May 17.