79-Year-Old Man Beaten to a Pulp for Touching Car

79-Year-Old Man Beaten to a Pulp for Touching Car

Two black eyes, a missing tooth, and a bloodied nose and face are what Alfred McOsker, 79, received after his leg accidentally brushed up against a newer Hyundai while he was unloading groceries with his daughter in the parking lots of a supermarket in Apple Valley, California, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“It was unbelievable that somebody would hit a 79-year-old man. Where is the respect in the world for people like that?” said a Stater Bro’s employee who made the call to 911.

The 20-something-year-old brute apparently thought McOsker had scratched his car then proceeded to punch him continuously in his face.

“His face is pretty scratched up and his pride is pretty marred, as well…To have [my father] knocked out by someone else a lot younger than him, I think he’s pretty humiliated,” said his daughter, adding that McOsker was swaying in and out of consciousness as he lay in bed sleeping all day, according to CBS.

The suspect fled the scene before deputies arrived and is described as being a male in his 20’s, 200 pounds, and six feet tall.