Abigail Shrier Canceled in Tel Aviv over Transgender Book

Abigail Shrier (Joe Kohen / Getty)
Joe Kohen / Getty

Transgender activists have shut down a book event in Tel Aviv, Israel, next week by Abigail Shrier, whose Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (2020), has been translated into Hebrew.

The Jerusalem Post reports (original links):

Sella Meir and the Tel Aviv International Salon (TAIS) planned a book launch for Shrier for her to advise parents on what to do if their teen daughters say they are transgender. The event was planned to take place at the glass-windowed strip club-turned-event space overlooking the beach, run by the organization Social Space, for next Sunday, until the publishing house’s owner. Rotem Sella, and TAIS founder Jay Shultz were told it was canceled.

[O]ne of the leading figures in the battle to ban and banish Shrier in Israel is a “trans-non-binary” 16-year-old named Reut from Petah Tikva, who asked that her last name not be shared. She, together with other transgender youth, run a WhatsApp group with more than 200 members that is called “Anti-transphobic demonstration,” which the Post was able to view.

Regarding whether Shrier should be free to share her research, just as Reut and her fellow activists are free to protest her, she said: “Freedom of expression is very important, but there has to be some kind of limit.”

Shrier’s book, based on intensive research and interviews (with parents, especially mothers, who are predominantly liberal politically), argues that the growth of transgenderism among teenage girls is a social phenomenon and not a medical one. She also documents the degree to which parents are being kept from knowing about their children’s gender “transitions,” and the long-term effects of related drugs and surgery.

She has faced various attempts at censorship, including on Amazon, and even from the American Booksellers Association. According to Shrier, more attempts were made to ban her book in Canada than any other for seven years.

Tel Aviv is considered a left-wing city, though Israel has, thus far, largely avoided the transgender cultural fight.

The organizers will be holding the event at alternative venue on the same date as originally planned.

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