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June Was Deadliest Month for U.S. Troops in Iraq in 3 Years: Michelle Obama Didn't Know U.S. Troops Were Still in Iraq


The New York Times recently reported that June was the deadliest month in 3 years for U.S. troops fighting in Iraq. (To the families of those who were lost, I can never express to you the pride I take in fact that they gave their lives for this country.)

Ironically, it appears Michelle Obama, First Lady of the U.S., wasn’t even aware we still had troops in Iraq. I make this point based on a speech she gave at fundraiser in California a few weeks ago wherein she listed reasons we should give her husband a second term, and one of the reasons was “the withdrawal of troops from overseas.” (Again, I am treading lightly here because I would never want to seem to be making light of a soldier’s sacrifice; and especially a soldier’s death in combat. But it is simply asinine that this woman – speaking during the month of June 2011 – was bragging about how her husband had supposedly brought the troops home from overseas, all the while June 2011 was shaping up to be the deadliest month for our troops overseas [in Iraq] since 2008.).

In that same California speech, Ms. Obama said of her husband, “This man does not take a day off.” Meanwhile, back on earth, the official tally for Obama golf outings is 75 since taking the oath of office.

While giving another speech at a different fundraiser, Ms. Obama said: “He works so very hard every day. It’s unbelievable, starting first thing in the morning every day, and going late into the night. Hunched over briefings, reading every single word of every single memo he gets. …Making sure he knows more than the people briefing him.” She said this as if she’d just graduated acting class and was starring in her first theatrical: one in which the director said, “Whatever you do, communicate the words ‘every day’ with emotion.”

By the way, somehow, while “hunched over briefings” and squeezing every ounce of sunlight out of “every day,” Obama has taken 41 trips on Air Force One since January 2011 and attended 31 fundraisers (during that same period of time).

Of course, Ms. Obama takes a lot of trips, so there’s a small chance she doesn’t know how many rounds of golf the president has played. (I doubt it, but for the sake of argument I mention it.)

Keep in mind that Ms. Obama just returned from taking a nearly $800,000 tax-payer subsidized vacation in Africa, where she brought some extended family members along and stayed in a hotel “where rooms exceed $10,000 dollars per night.” And of course she was gone quite a bit last year, including that trip to Spain where she rounded up a bunch of friends and took them on a vacation that left the American tax-payer holding a bill for approximately $375,000.

(Ironically, while she and her friends were being lavished in comfort in Spain, news was breaking in the U.S. that another 131,000 jobs had just been lost in her husband’s grand economy.)

In my humble opinion, Ms. Obama owes the U.S. military a sincere apology, delivered in her real voice instead of the drama queen voice she used to try to convince us her husband “works so very hard every day.” She needs to tell them she’s sorry for being so focused on planning vacations that she lost track of where our troops have been deployed (and of where they are deployed currently).

Secondly, she needs to apologize to the American tax-payer. The personal trips (vacations) she’s taken during the last two years have literally cost us MILLIONS of dollars.


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