DHS Alleges Perjury Against Secret Service Director

DHS Alleges Perjury Against Secret Service Director

Reports suggest Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan may have lied when he gave congressional testimony regarding the Colombia prostitution scandal involving 13 Secret Service agents.

A report issued by investigators with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General claims “Sullivan may have obstructed Congress by lying about the criminal associations of prostitutes involved in the scandal.”

The investigators allege that Sullivan committed “perjury, [made] false statements, and [impeded] Congress,” during the May 23 hearing. 

At that hearing, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked Sullivan if he had been able to “definitely conclude” that the prostitutes were not foreign agents or tied to terrorists or drug cartels. Sullivan told Collins he had been able to conclude there were no ties. However, investigators contend he knew of at least one tie even as he denied it.

Investigators have handed the case to prosecutors in the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section and Sullivan has retained private counsel.

Sullivan’s attorney has denied the allegations.