World View: Morsi Breaks 'Hope and Change'-esque Campaign Promises

World View: Morsi Breaks 'Hope and Change'-esque Campaign Promises

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Another farcical climate change conference begins in Doha, Qatar
  • Large Tuesday protests planned after Egypt’s Morsi refuses to rescind decree
  • Egypt’s ‘Hope and Change’ candidate Morsi has forgotten all his promises

Another farcical climate change conference begins in Doha, Qatar

I like to recount the reason why I know that even climate changeactivists don’t believe half the crap they’re saying about climatechange. I believe everything that I write about on my web site, andI’ve made enormous changes in my life in the last ten years as aresult. So I know what it’s like to really believe what you’resaying. 

And so it’s perfectly obvious to me that climate changeactivists don’t believe anything they’re saying. They drive expensivecars instead of taking the subway. They live in posh residences thatburn as much power as a small town, and they brag because they replacea couple of light bulbs with fluorescents. They go to expensivemeetings rather than using videoconferencing. Al Gore, as I recall,excuses his massive energy waste by claiming that he pays to have sometrees planted in central America. So I can tell right off that all ofthese people are full of crap.

It’s worthwhile summarizing the climate change situation:

  • There has been no global warming for ten years. The Arctic has gotten warmer, but the Antarctic has gotten colder.
  • There is no currently known technology for reducing carbon emissions. If there were, then it would be marketed, and the company would make billions.
  • By far, the biggest emitter of carbon is China, and they will never agree to reduce their emissions.
  • Worrying about carbon emissions today is like someone worrying a century ago that the world would soon be covered with horse crap. That car came along when it was needed, and so will a solution to the carbon emission issue.
  • In particular, we’re on the verge of a great deal of “intelligent computer” technology, along with new nanotechnology that will combine by the 2020s to perform all kinds of environmental cleanups.
  • Bankers are pushing climate change because it will put huge amounts of money into their pockets. Politicians are pushing climate change because they’ll get a large chunk of that money. (See “3-Nov-12 World View — New charges put Barclays at center of climate change financial scam”)

Now there’s a new climate change conference in Doha, Qatar, the citywith the largest carbon emissions per capita in the world. Hundredsof climate change activists will go for a week to sit by the swimmingpool, except when they’re in heavily air-conditioned rooms whiningabout how unfair everyone is to them. At least they can’t whine aboutGeorge Bush this year. The conference will be heavily covered by theloony left at the New York Times, NBC news and other mainstream media,and we’ll have to listen to repeated crap about the world being indanger if we don’t give the banksters billions more dollars to use toaward themselves million dollar bonuses. It’s another week of farce.Spiegel and Telegraph (London)

Large Tuesday protests planned after Egypt’s Morsi refuses to rescind decree

Egypt’s opposition parties and groups are calling for mass rallies andConstitutional Decree by president Mohamed Morsi, giving himselfdictatorial powers. Morsi met with a Judges group on Monday, raisinghopes that he would rescind the decree, but he refused to change it inany way. Reportedly, he promised to use his dictatorial powers onlyfor “sovereign matters,” leaving lesser matters to be challenged bythe courts, but he will be the one to decide what is or isn’t aMorsi’s intent is to protect the Constituent Assembly, which iscomprised mostly of members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi himselfwas a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to taking office aspresident, and so his intent is evidently to have the MuslimBrotherhood control the writing of the new constitution. This isexpected to take six months, after which Morsi says he’ll give up hisdictatorial powers. Al-Ahram (Cairo)

Egypt’s ‘Hope and Change’ candidate Morsi has forgotten all his promises

Many Egyptians voted for Mohamed Morsi as the first democraticallyelected president in Egypt for 5,000 years because they saw him as acountry after the dictatorship of deposed ruler Hosni Mubarak, andwould bring order out of the chaos in the streets and in the economy.But Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have made one promise afteranother that they’re simply ignoring: 

  • At first, the MB said they would only present candidates for one-third of the seats of the parliament, but they broke that promise and fought for every one.
  • They said that they would not field a candidate for president, but they put forth Mohamed Morsi, who won.
  • Morsi had promised to appoint a Copt and a woman as vice presidents, but he ignored those promises.
  • He promised to follow the laws, but he ignored the orders of the independent judiciary.
  • Then last Thursday, he issued his Constitutional Decree giving himself dictatorial powers.
  • On Monday, he refused to change or rescind decree, despite furious opposition.

Muslim Brotherhood members are giving Morsi their full support, andthey are a large group, but not a majority. The secularists and theliberals are opposed to Morsi’s decree, but so are the Salafists who,while they’re Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood, are not willingto cede so much power to the MB. Morsi is hoping that after 18 monthsof riots and demonstrations, Egyptians are tired of protesting, andwill accept anything he says. He may be right, but the first testwill occur with the “million man marches” on Tuesday. Jerusalem Post 

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