British Columnist to Obama on EU Membership: Butt Out

British Columnist to Obama on EU Membership: Butt Out

After the U.S. official in charge of European affairs said it was in the “American interest” for Britain to remain in the European Union, a British columnist wrote, “British policy on Europe is none of President Obama’s business,” and the Obama administration was “flat wrong on the EU.”

In The Telegraph, Nile Gardiner, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, writes that the European Union is “often deeply anti-American in nature, and all too often working against the United States on the world stage.”

He said this is “a point that is lost on the US State Department” because the “last thing” America needs is, “a common EU foreign and defense policy that undercuts the NATO alliance and the Special Relationship while making it far harder for the US to build partnerships in Europe with individual allies on areas of common interest.”

“It is simply ludicrous to believe that an artificially unified Europe will be in America’s national interest, let alone the interest of EU member states,” Gardiner wrote. 

Gardiner continued: “Fortunately, Barack Obama and his choir of pro-EU officials don’t have a say in deciding Britain’s future in Europe. That will be decided ultimately by the British people, when a referendum is finally held.”