World View: U.N. Security Council Passes Irrelevant Resolution on Syria

World View: U.N. Security Council Passes Irrelevant Resolution on Syria

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Spain to switch from Nazi time to British time
  • Washington gives $100 million non-bailout bailout money to Detroit
  • U.N. Security Council passes overhyped, totally irrelevant resolution on Syria
  • U.N. Climate panel issues overhyped, totally irrelevant climate change report

Spain to switch from German to British time

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler meets Fascist leader Francisco Franco in 1940 (Time Magazine)
Nazi leader Adolf Hitler meets Fascist leader Francisco Franco in 1940 (Time Magazine)

Based on its longitude, the country Spain, like Britain, is wellwithin the region of the Western European time zone. However, in1940, Spain’s Fascist dictator Francisco Franco met with Adolf Hitler,who convinced him to switch to Central European Time so that Spain’sclocks would be synchronized with Germany’s. The result has been thatSpanish workers never seem to get enough sleep, which is why they needa siesta during the day. But now Spain’s government plans to move thecountry back to West European time, which might mean the end of thesiesta for many Spaniards. However, one Spanish citizen commented onthe move to British time, “Maybe we should also drive on the leftside, get drunk over the weekend and have only three typical dishesinstead of thousands.” International Business Times

Washington gives $100 million non-bailout bailout money to Detroit

The Obama administration bailed out General Motors when it was closeto bankruptcy and is now getting requests to bail out Detroit, whichhas already filed for bankruptcy. However, there isn’t a lot ofsupport these days for a new bailout with the sequester and such.But the Administration has found a way anyway. They’ve identified$100 million earmarked for discretionary grants that have never beengranted, and they’re reassigning the grants to their good pals inDetroit. However, this is not a “bailout,” since these are grants.

Detroit is also planning to use Obamacare as a vehicle for an evenlarger non-bailout bailout. Detroit has some $6 billion in unfundedliabilities for health care for retirees. Detroit is planning to tellits retirees to apply for health insurance in the Obamacare exchanges.Detroit will pay the retirees a small stipend to help pay for theinsurance. In addition, Washington will pay each retiree an Obamacaresubsidy. And so, the retirees get their health insurance, Detroitsaves over $1 billion in health care funding, and the Obamaadministration gets the undying love of their good pals in Detroit.So everybody wins. Right? Washington Times and Business Insider

U.N. Security Council passes overhyped, totally irrelevant resolution on Syria

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to adopt aresolution that requires Syria to eliminate its arsenal of chemicalweapons. Unfortunately, if the Syrian regime’s psychopathic presidentBashar al-Assad simply ignores the threat and goes on ordering therape, mutilation, and massacre of innocent women and children on alarge scale, then the only “punishment” that the resolution specifiesis a threat to hold another Security Council meeting. So Russia gotits way once again, and has humiliated President Obama and the UnitedStates once again. The mainstream media is calling the resolutionNBC News will call President Obama eating a hamburger “historic.”NBC News/AP

U.N. Climate panel issues overhyped, totally irrelevant climate change report

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued onFriday a so-called “landmark report” that’s dead on arrival, anddeservedly so. It says that it proves with near absolutely certaintythat human activity is the cause of carbon emissions, and that they’reresulting in global warming. Even if that’s true, then so what? 

I keep receiving scorn whenever I compare the climate changescientists to scientists in the year 1900 who might have said that theincrease in the growth of horse crap was due to human activity. Andyet, not one of these scornful comments has ever showed why thiscomparison is invalid. 

Climate scientists today predict that carbon emissions will raise thetemperature of the earth by X degrees by 2100. Horse crap scientistsin 1900 could have predicted that there would be X inches of horsecrap all over the world by 2000. 

Horse crap scientists in 1900 would have had absolutely no inklingthat the Model T Ford would be coming along soon to solve the horsecrap problem, all without government help. If they had recommendedthe funding of any government programs, they would have been programsto develop a new kind of feed for horses that would produce less horsecrap, and the program would have been a disaster. 

Today’s climate scientists have been recommending government programsrelated to green energy, most of which have failed, as illustrated bythe Solyndra disaster. Climate scientists have absolutely no inklingof new technologies that will be coming along to solve the carbonemissions problems. There are probably thousands of commercial firmsin the world trying to develop products to reduce carbon emissions,and when one of them finds something, they’ll patent it, bring it tomarket, and make enormous sums of money. And they’ll do it all withoutgovernment help. 

In November 2009, thousands of e-mail messages were hacked from theweb server at East Anglia University, the place at the heart offrom a period of several years. I did a search of the hacked EastAnglian e-mail messages for the word “Singularity,” and it doesn’tappear once. You would think that these brilliant scientists wouldhave at least asked the question of one another: “Hey, what about theSingularity?” But apparently it was never asked once. It must havebeen forbidden subject, since it conflicts with their own claims.(See “Climate Change conference in Copenhagen is all about getting green — money” from 2009.) 

Even if you don’t “believe” that the Singularity is going to occur,there’s still absolutely no question that intelligent computertechnology and nanotechnology is going to explode in the 2020s. Thesewill bring a wealth of new technologies and products that will reversethe growth of carbon emissions in the same way that the Model T Fordreversed the growth of horse crap emissions in the last century. 

The reason that “climate scientists” can’t even stand to think aboutsuch things is because it’s all about the money: 

  • In 2007, I wrote “UN Climate Change conference appears to be ending in farce,” about Louis Redshaw, a Barclays Capital banker, who was hoping to make millions of dollars who was hoping to sell synthetic carbon emissions securities to unsuspecting investors in the same way that Barclays and other banks sold synthetic subprime mortgage securities.
  • Lots of people want the federal government to fund their favorite federal funds, because investors would provide them with all the capital they need.
  • Countries in Asia and Africa are clamoring for a “climate change Marshall Plan,” where the United States gives billions of dollars away to corrupt governments, supposedly as reparations for causing them climate change pain.

I want to emphasize that this is what it’s all about, even if everyword in Friday’s climate change report is true. The report isirrelevant because the carbon emission problem will be taken care ofby new technologies that the “climate scientists” don’t have a clueabout, and don’t even want to think about. UN IPCC Report and AFP

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