World View: Jihadist Group Ansar Jerusalem Kills Eleven in Egypt Car Bomb Attack

World View: Jihadist Group Ansar Jerusalem Kills Eleven in Egypt Car Bomb Attack

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  • Central African Republic militants clash with peacekeepers
  • Turkey replaces Iran as primary funding source for Hamas
  • Sinai based Ansar Jerusalem kills 11 in car bomb attack in Egypt

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Central African Republic militants clash with peacekeepers

The conflict in the Central African Republic is taking a new turn asmilitias on each side clash with a particular segment of thepeacekeeping force. The Seleka militias, mostly Muslims, are clashingwith the mostly Christian peacekeeping forces from France, describingthem as Nazis, leading the French army forces to open fire onsuspected ex-Seleka fighters who were “preparing to use theirweapons,” killing three. France is the former colonial power, and has1,600 peacekeeping soldiers in C.A.R. 

The anti-Balaka militias, mostly Christian, are clashing with themostly Muslim peacekeeping forces from Chad, who are a contingent ofthe African Union peacekeeping forces in C.A.R. Many Christiansaccuse the Chad forces of openly siding with the Seleka militias, andpoint out that Chadians have been part of the Seleka militias from thebeginning. In clashes with Christians, Chadian forces fired into thecrowd on Monday, killing one and injuring 40. This was after aUgandan peacekeeper was killed by Christian militias over the weekend.The African Union has 4,000 troops in C.A.R., including a contingentfrom Chad, which is a country that borders C.A.R. 

Hostility to the peacekeepers on all sides is growing, and complicatesthe effort to prevent all-out war. BBC and Reuters and AP

Turkey replaces Iran as primary funding source for Hamas

Unnamed Israeli intelligence sources are saying that Turkey’s primeminister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is overseeing the transfer of up to $250million per year to Hamas, the governors of Gaza, and identified as aterrorist organization by the West. The money is being channeledthrough private sources, with full coordination by Erdogan. Inaddition, Turkey is said to be providing training to Hamas securityforces. 

Hamas used to have it headquarters office in Damascus, Syria, and itsbiggest financial backer used to be Iran, which provided $20 millionper month. However, when Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad startedmassacring innocent Sunni Arab civilians, the Hamas broke withal-Assad, moved its office from Damascus to Doha, Qatar, causing Iranto break with Hamas. In 2012, Qatar pledged $400 million to the Hamasregime, but the money never arrived. And so, according to thesereports, Turkey has become the main funding source for Hamas.World Tribune and Israel National News

Sinai based Ansar Jerusalem kills 11 in car bomb attack in Egypt

A car bomb attack early Tuesday on a police headquarters in Mansour, aNile Delta city north of Cairo, killed 11 people, and injured dozens.The attack comes a day after al-Qaeda linked Sinai terrorist groupAnsar Jerusalem (Ansar Bayt al Maqdis or Champions of Jerusalem)issued a statement calling on Egypt’s police and army to desertbecause they were supporting a secular government. 

According to the Ansar Jerusalem statement: 

“[The security services] are using you as a tool inimplementing the schemes of the Jews and Christians and waging waron Islam and Muslims. With your staying in these institutionsfrom evening to morning, you are incurring the anger ofAllah.”

Ansar Jerusalem was founded by Egyptians but is thought to be alliedwith Hamas. It is the dominant jihadist group operating in the SinaiPeninsula today and has claimed credit for a number of attacksagainst Israel and Egypt over the past two years. AP and Long War Journal

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