Obamacare Is a Trojan Horse for Socialized Medicine

Obamacare Is a Trojan Horse for Socialized Medicine

Obamacare has become one of the most polarizing pieces of legislation ever passed. There was so much heat surrounding its passage that people got caught up and blinded by the rhetoric. On one hand, we were told that it had to be passed because uninsured people were practically dying in the streets, while greedy doctors were performing unnecessary tests, amputating feet, and taking out tonsils in their unending quest to make as much money as possible.

The initial premise that the problem with healthcare was because of the uninsured was a lie. Because of the emergency medical treatment and active labor act (EMTALA) passed in 1986, no one in this country, whether a citizen or not, can be denied healthcare. It was yet another congressional unfunded mandate that led to the unintended consequence of people using the emergency medical system for primary care. The explosion in the cost of hospital care grew out of their need to pass along the cost of delivering free health care and is one of the underlying engines which have driven the cost of healthcare through the roof.

Unfortunately, the uninsured meme was repeated by proponents of the bill and amplified by the corporate main stream media to such an extent that it became a “truth”. When you add the divide and conquer strategy of demonizing anyone who had questions, doubts or tried to apply critical reasoning (by attempting to muzzle them by using the race, class, and/or immigration card) to the deafening silence of providers on the front line, it is easy to see why we are where we are now.

We are on the brink of dropping into the global healthcare delivery system which is a system driven by rationing based on:

1.)  Long waiting times leading to limited access to care

2)   Limited access to medical innovation

3)   An emphasis on the management of chronic disease

4)   End of life decisions based on limited intervention with an emphasis on palliative care not curative care

If Michael Moore were honest in his film about socialized medical care in Europe, he would have told the audience that The National Healthcare system (NHS) in Britain is going bankrupt. It has considered hiring a German company to manage it, and recently had a hospital system taken over by a private management company. Furthermore, the NHS has changed the guidelines for treatment of diseases such as glaucoma and ventilation tubes for ear infections and procedures like knee replacements, making it more difficult for patients to qualify for the procedures.

It is even more galling that members of Congress, corporations like McDonald’s and Cigna Healthcare, and the Unions who were all proponents of the bill will not have to live under its yolk because they can either afford to pay for their healthcare or were granted an exemption by Kathleen Sebelius respectively – yet another example of rules that are applied unequally, by the folks who ‘know what is best for us’.

What Obamacare accomplishes is not the delivery of efficient, affordable healthcare, but instead it is sets up a complex system of top down control based on the creation of manufactured scarcity:

  1. Not enough doctors to deliver care
  2. Not enough hospitals to care for the 30 million more people who will access the system
  3. Mandates which lock patients into a system that strips away their choice while making them pay for the privilege
  4. Bureaucratic panels which micro manage the entire healthcare system while putting in regulations that guarantee compliance in the face of penalties for those who dare to buck the system
  5. Prohibitive costs which are now admitted that are the outgrowth of the oversight needed to police this Draconian system.

This is a system that is unsustainable. It is a bankrupt system that has been funded under Obamacare  to get larger and more corrupt while perpetuating and rewarding the worst aspects of healthcare: one-size fits-all, corporate driven healthcare.

This is an example of the problem, reaction, solution paradigm

  1. Problem: Once people realize what they will really be getting, they will realize it was not what they signed up for and there will be massive outrage
  2. Reaction: They will demand that the government to step in and fix it
  3. Solution: Universal healthcare

And there you have it – socialized medicine……but maybe that was the goal all along.


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