Reuters Poll: Obama Approval Sinks to 38%

Reuters Poll: Obama Approval Sinks to 38%

Via Twitter, @YossiGestetner found more bad news for President Obama buried under a bunch of Reuters happy talk about Iran. In its latest poll, Reuters found Obama’s approval rating underwater by a full 18 points. Only 38% approve of the job the president is doing, while 56% disapprove.

The Reuters happy talk surrounded another Reuters poll that showed 44% approve of Obama’s deal with Iran, while only 22% disapprove. If the best news the media can muster for Obama is a 44% approval rating on something, it tells you just how bad of shape he is in.

The Reuters poll also kills any chance the media and the president’s supporters (but I repeat myself) had to launch a comeback narrative for Obama. Rasmussen and Gallup’s daily tracking polls have shown some improvement, but both are daily trackers subject to volatility. Reuters, on the other hand, is a beloved member of the elite media establishment, and therefore impossible to ignore.

Wednesday’s Real Clear Politics poll of polls has Obama at 40% approval, 55.4% disapproval; a full 15.4 points underwater. 


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