Bachmann: Time to Take Gavel out of Reid's Hand as We Did to Pelosi

Bachmann: Time to Take Gavel out of Reid's Hand as We Did to Pelosi

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) joined the Tea Party 5th anniversary event but said she could not stay long because, “I’m being audited by the IRS.” Bachmann thanked the Tea Party for what they did for the nation: “What you did for America was stellar…it was life changing.” She added that because of the Tea Party movement, “you took the gavel out of Nancy Pelosi’s hand.”

The congresswoman from Minnesota said that there is one thing that progressives understand, and that is elections. Bachmann said that the only thing Democrats and progressives can talk about now is the 2016 election. She says the reason for that is they do not want conservatives focusing any more of their energy on the 2014 elections and they do not want Democrats to be reminded of the firepower like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, who were installed in the last two elections, that have pumped dynamism back into the GOP.

Representative Bachmann is very hopeful for the continued success of the Tea Party movement because “the movement at its core is an intellectual movement. It is a movement based on ideas. Ideas that I would put up against any ideas in the world.” The congresswoman said there was a group a little over 200 years ago that put up the same ideas “not only did they put those ideas up they contended for those ideas. They put “their blood, their treasure, their families, they laid everything on the line.” Of course, Bachmann was referring to the men and women of the American Revolution. Bachmann thanked everyone in the room for being a patriot and for all those who “have laid it all on the line.”

Bachmann faulted conservatives for listening to and believing what the mainstream media says about conservatives. She noted in Sun Tzu’s the Art of War that the first two rules are you need to understand yourself and you need to understand your enemy. Bachmann asserted that we have done a poor job in the first rule, knowing ourselves.  She said that conservative principles should be motivation enough to keep us in the game. “And let’s remember we are the adults in the room.”

The congresswoman also reminded the audience that the Constitution protects our rights to keep private property and to build and keep wealth. The definition of wealth she says is just the retention of capital. “President Obama is fine if we want to earn capital, but he doesn’t like it so much if we keep our own capital. He sees that our job is the purpose of giving it over to him.”  This government capital grab she insists has nothing to do with the original ideas of the founding fathers and the revolution that spawned America.

Bachmann ended her speech with a small history lesson. She reminded us that the world was once safeguarded by what was called Pax Britannica until American dominance after World War II changed the conditions to Pax Americana, in which the United States became both the Economic and Military super power of the world. Bachmann warns that now China has become the world super power in terms of trade. “I’m not saying the party is over but it’s time for us to sober up and wake up and recognize that in my opinion that China becoming a world power does not make a safer world.”

According to Bachmann, Americans do not want to be under a “Pax China or a Pax Russia or a Pax Iran.” Bachmann opines that progressives, given their ideological tendencies, make America weaker and, therefore, this makes her concerned about where the world may be heading. She says that is why our ideas matter. Bachmann maintains that we have an opportunity to take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hand, as we did Nancy Pelosi. “So let’s not Blow it!” According to Bachmann if we achieve that we can then install a constitutional conservative for President in 2016. “Let me tell you if we do that not only will our children thank you but the world will thank you.”


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