Nancy Pelosi to DREAMers: Target Republicans

Nancy Pelosi to DREAMers: Target Republicans

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants DREAMers to stop bothering Democrats and target Republicans instead. 

Even though Democrats pressured President Barack Obama to delay his executive amnesty that he had promised activists groups he would enact “by the end of summer,” Pelosi was frustrated that DREAMers and pro-amnesty groups have started targeting Obama and Democrats. On Monday, illegal immigrants staged protests and got arrested in front of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“I think that the anger is not placed in the right direction, and Republicans get off the hook,” Pelosi told the Huffington Post on Monday evening. “They did nothing and people are picketing the president. I mean, [Republicans] don’t pay a price for that?”

Pelosi, who has said she would rather pass comprehensive amnesty legislation than become Speaker again, said that “Republicans must be having a nice lunch at the club, laughing up their sleeves that they did nothing, that they took us in the wrong direction, and the picketers are at the Democratic National Committee.”

“Understand this, the Republicans had the power to pass a law and they didn’t,” she told the outlet. “You want to make a difference–go sit in front of the Republican National Committee.”

She also said that Obama will ultimately go ahead with his executive action before the end of the year.

“I know for sure that the president will do what he can do by executive order before the year is out, she told the Huffington Post. 

On Monday evening, Vice President Joe Biden also said that Obama would do “an awful lot” in his executive amnesty before the end of the holiday season. He also said that Republicans will “see some lightning” if Congress does not pass a comprehensive amnesty bill after the midterms.

“They will either act rationally, or we will act for them, and if we have to act for them, they will not be around a whole lot longer to act in large numbers,” Biden said. “I’m not offering any false hope about what they’ll do between now and the election, but … I can tell you, when this election [is] over in the lame duck session, they just may see the Lord. It is possible. But if they don’t they will see some lightning.”


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