Fiorina v. Clinton in South Carolina: Fiorina Launches #AskHillary

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GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is putting the pressure on Hillary Clinton in South Carolina, launching an #AskHillary campaign.

Clinton has only answered a handful of questions from reporters, which is in stark contrast to Fiorina, who says she has answered hundreds of questions from the media and voters.

“Hillary Clinton seems averse to answering questions in anything other than brief, scripted responses,” said Kaaren Mann, Carly for America South Carolina Regional Field Director. “People across the state want to know what she believes and how she will lead our country. If she is going to ask voters questions, it would be great if she would answer theirs, too. Mrs. Clinton, I join those who are asking the questions in welcoming your responses.”

Fiorina’s press release listed questions for Clinton from South Carolina voters:

Erin M., Moncks Corner  – “Mrs. Clinton, The Clinton Foundation has been under fire in the media for accepting donations from foreign governments who were also lobbying the State Dept. while you were Secretary of State. What can you say to convince us it wasn’t a ‘pay to play?’”

Allison R., Florence – “Mrs. Clinton, the spending policies of previous administrations have been out of control, resulting in a skyrocketing federal debt. What would you do to solve the debt crisis?”

Ben R., Myrtle Beach – “Mrs. Clinton, in hindsight, it seems clear we should have kept a troop presence in Iraq. Knowing what you know now, would you still vote against the surge in Iraq?”

Morganne M., Charleston – “Mrs. Clinton, advances in medical technology have reshaped the debate over abortion, significant majorities of Americans – including a majority of women in some polls – consider themselves pro-life.  Those advances are only going to continue to give us a clearer picture about life’s origins.  Where do you stand on when life begins?”

Victoria R., Columbia – “Mrs. Clinton, you’ve said that you will go beyond what the president has done in terms of immigration reform. What would you do and please explain how it would be legal.”

Dan H., Anderson – “Mrs. Clinton, President Obama was reluctant and slow to engage ISIS. Are air strikes the right response to their declared motive to plant their flag on the White House? In other words, what would you do to keep your aspired homestead safe from ISIS?”

Richard H., Beaufort – “Mrs. Clinton, most people denounce your handling of Benghazi as a catastrophe. Can you tell us what happened and what would you do differently if you had the chance?”

Esther W., Simpsonville – “Mrs. Clinton, you came out against RFRA laws in Indiana and Arkansas that were similar to the federal law your husband signed during his presidency. As president, how will you work to secure the rights of religious persons in America?”

Carly for America SuperPAC announced Tuesday that it’s opening an office in Greenville, South Carolina to engage voters and promote Fiorina’s conservative policies.


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