Andrea Mitchell: Bill Clinton ‘Freaking Out the Most’ Couldn’t Hide Recognition That ‘This Is Happening Again, She’s Going To Lose’

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell argued that former President Bill Clinton is the person freaking out the most in the wake of the New Hampshire primary and that while he was campaigning with his wife, Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he “could not mask the recognition that oh, my gosh, this is happening again. She’s going to lose” during the network’s coverage of the primary on Tuesday.

Mitchell said, “I have to say Bill Clinton is freaking out the most.” NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker pointed out that Clinton didn’t take any questions tonight, even though he always does.

Mitchell then stated, “Watching him watch her these last few days, when they’ve been campaigning together, because previously he was on his own, and — as a surrogate, just watching his face, he could not mask the recognition that oh, my gosh, this is happening again. She’s going to lose.”

Mitchell later added, “[A]fter she was secretary of state, and she was writing a book, and before she declared for president, and I think in the debate when she said, well, she really hadn’t made that decision, that was really not authentic. She gave paid speeches. And at the time I said, ‘What is she doing this for?’ If she ever wants to run for office, why is she giving paid speeches? She doesn’t need the money. And it was just sort of this reflexive, well, when you write a book, you do give paid speeches, that’s what all the other former secretaries do. But for someone who ever wanted a political life, that was such a mistake.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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