Mocking Bernie Sanders ‘Shocked’ Donald Trump Doesn’t Blame Climate Change on Mexicans or Muslims

Sanders Trump AP

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sander tore into GOP frontrunner Donald Trump at a Saturday rally in Warren, Michigan with accusations of racism, sexism, divisiveness, and selfishness.

“Climate change is real,” Sanders said before making fear-inspiring claims that, “If we do not get our act together very quickly…” that means more drought, floods, sea disturbances, more international conflict over limited resources.

Sanders moved on to push for working with China, Russia, and India before mocking Trump with the statement, “Among his many other attributes, he is one of the world’s great scientists.”

Sanders asserted that Trump believes climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. He said he was shocked that Trump would blame China because, “I thought he would have thought it was perpetrated by the Mexicans or the Muslims…”

Trump has been assailed by Democrats for his promise to enforce immigration laws and build a wall on the United States southern border with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. He has also faced criticism for suggesting a moratorium on Muslims traveling to the U.S. in light of Muslim terrorists committing acts of terrorism such as those in San Bernardino, California in early December.

Sanders repeatedly slammed Trump, pushing the message that Trump insults Mexicans, women, and “all of Latin America who are our closest neighbors.”

“Nobody asked me for my birth certificate, maybe it just has something to do with the color of my skin, I don’t know,” he said referring to Trump’s questions regarding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“We will defeat Donald Trump because the American people know that togetherness, standing together, Trump’s divisiveness … Trump’s selfishness,” the Socialist candidate said of the GOP frontrunner.

Sanders also jabbed Republicans who are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, insinuating that this makes them anti-woman and anti-gay.

“We believe in family values, but they’re not Republican family values,” Sanders said.

Sanders went on to push back on detractors who say he can’t win. He called on the importance of Tuesday’s Michigan primary election, which is slated to deliver 148 delegates on the Democrat party side.

Sanders claimed he and his supporters will win in Michigan if turnout is high.

The Kansas Democrat Party declared Sanders the winner in that state on Saturday night, according to ABC News.


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