Sanders: We Will Defeat Trump’s Divisiveness, Selfishness, Hatred

Tuesday night at a campaign rally in Miami, FL, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said he will beat Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee because the American people will reject on grounds of divisiveness, selfishness and hatred.

Sanders said, “So, let me tell you, let me tell you—what some of the media may not know is that is in almost all of the national polls, we beat Donald Trump and beat him by big digits. And we beat him.  Almost always, not always, almost always do better than Secretary Clinton against him. And it is not only national polls, it is statewide polls, battleground polls. To give you an example—a poll just came out the other day in Michigan, a battleground state. Secretary Clinton was beating him by 16 points. We were beating him by 22 points. In New Hampshire, another battleground poll, we were beating him by 19 points. But it is not just polls. Polls go up and down. I’ll tell you why together, if Trump is their nominee, why we will defeat him, and that is because the American people do not want a president who insults Mexicans and Latin Americans.”

“The American people do not want a president who insults Muslims,” Sanders continued. “The American people do not want a president who insults women, who insults African-Americans. Remember, don’t—please, when you think about Trump, please do not forget that this was a guy who was one of the leaders in this so-called birther effort—remember that—and that was an intentional effort to de-legitimize the president because he was black. It is a funny thing, a funny thing, President Obama’s father was born in Kenya, my father was born in Poland, but nobody has asked me for my birth certificate. Maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin. I don’t know. We will defeat Mr. Trump because the American people know that coming together trumps divisiveness. The American people know that community helping each other, supporting each other trumps selfishness. And most importantly, the American people understand that love trumps hatred.”

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