Joe Biden Lectures Donald Trump: ‘Words Matter’

Biden Whispers to Ash Carter's Wife Evan Vucci AP
Evan Vucci/AP

Vice President Joe Biden lectured Donald Trump for his outrageous statements on the campaign trail, particularly about women.

“It matters what people say, it matters what your leaders say. It matters. Words matter,” the gaffe-prone Vice President insisted.

Biden urged Americans to hold all politicians accountable for their controversial statements, even if they were liberal Democrats.

“He should be held accountable by voting no,” Biden said.

Biden made the remarks in an interview with about his campaign against sexual assault. He asserted that political leaders who mistreated women needed to pay for their behavior.

“That sends a message to tens of thousands of young men and women who think that it’s appropriate to do that, to say that,” a visibly outraged Biden continued.

Biden was not pressed on his own remarks or behavior that has been  criticized as sexist or inappropriate, but he asserted that politicians of both parties should be held accountable.

“It matters what people say. It matters what they do. Their conduct matters,” he said.


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