Police: Mom Turns in New York Teen Girls Who ‘Senselessly’ Beat Up Old Woman on Subway

Police: Mom Turns in New York Teen Girls Who ‘Senselessly’ Beat Up Old Woman on Subway
NBC New York/screenshot
New York, NY

Police have reported that a pair of teenage girls, charged with beating up a 78-year-old woman on the New York subway, have been turned in by one of their own mothers.

The teenagers, at least one of whom is 16, are now being questioned about the Thursday subway attack on 78-year-old Norma Trotman.

Earlier this week, police released surveillance photos of the suspects hoping the public could help identify them. According to reports, one of the suspect’s mothers recognized them and alerted police.

The girls are accused of beating the elderly woman and even kicking her in the head. It is alleged the girls became infuriated when the old woman asked them to take their feet off a seat so that she could sit down on a Manhattan train.

The girls apparently waited until the woman exited the train, followed her into the Franklin Ave. station in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and viciously attacked her.

The victim’s son, Owen Trotman, has reported that his mother is in stable condition but is in a lot of pain.

This is far from the first time that groups of young people have ganged up on others to deliver a beating.

Only a few weeks ago, a group of young female shoppers in a Florida Victoria’s Secret lingerie shop ganged up on a store clerk when the clerk caught one of them attempting to shoplift from the store.

In February, a large group of teens in Chicago used an El train as a getaway vehicle after ransacking a store, but they compounded their crime while on the train by viciously beating a man as they robbed him.

Also, just last year, a large group of teens attacked two high school students in a Philadelphia subway station.

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