Anti-Cop Protesters Block Manhattan Police Union Headquarters

Anti-Cop Protesters Block Manhattan Police Union Headquarters
New York, NY

Carrying a banner that calls the New York Police Department “killer cops,” a group of up to two dozen anti-police protesters swarmed the entrance to the Manhattan headquarters of a New York policeman’s union on Wednesday, reports say.

The group marched around the building lobby chanting, “stop killing us” at around 9AM.

Protesters were calling for the firing of Officer Wayne Isaacs who was involved in the police shooting of Delrawn Small in Brooklyn.

The protest was organized by Black Youth Project 100, a group that claims is is “dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people.”

“The police are trying to manipulate the conversation. They are trying to manipulate all of us into believing that they are at risk. They are not at risk. Police officers are the threat. Police do not keep us safe. Police do not protect us. They are the danger that keeps Black people unsafe. We met divest from institutions that do not value us and instead invest in Black communities.” BYP100 NYC Rahel Mekdim Teka said in a statement.

Some of the protesters proceeded to chain themselves to the security kiosks in the lobby, forcing police to bring an electric saw to cut the bindings. At least 10 were arrested.

The President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said the protest was very misguided.

PBA President Patrick Lynch said the union doesn’t make official police policy. “If they don’t like the policy, they should be protesting in front of City Hall,” he said.

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