Another Immigration Distraction

Khizr Khan addresses delegates on the fourth and final day of the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center on July 28, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With the chaos in Europe from the massive influx of Muslims—particularly Muslim men, many of whom do not share modern Western values of individual liberty and equal rights for women—and with the worldwide constant threat of Muslim atrocities, it’s no wonder that Americans are distraught that our President and Commander-in-Chief not only refuses to acknowledge that we are at war with Islamic extremism, but insists on indiscriminately bringing as many Muslims into this country as possible, and as quickly as possible.

Given Hillary Clinton’s pledge to continue Obama’s failed policies, it was predictable that there would be a staged event at the Democratic Convention to put a different spin on these issues. That event, of course, was having the parents of a fallen Muslim American soldier appear and speak.

Donald Trump’s remarks questioning why the mother was silent at the convention have created quite a flap, with the liberal media pouncing on him, turning the situation into a convenient means to distract us from the huge Muslim problem we and our European allies now face.

Actually, we have two huge but interrelated problems  One is that Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the enemy’s identity is leaving us to fight a war with one hand tied behind our back—which is why our military personnel overwhelmingly favor Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton is tied to this non-strategy, which in the long run is likely to cost many more American soldiers their lives, once we wake up to the need for a large-scale offensive against the rapidly-escalating menace of ISIS.

The other problem is that we have yet to impose proper standards for our immigration process. We have every right to demand that immigrants commit to assimilate our core values of civilization, freedom for all, and the supremacy of our Constitution and laws over contrary value systems such as Sharia law.

The Democrats sought to use the occasion of the Khans’ appearance both to denounce Mr. Trump and to signal subliminally that the Khans are representative of the Muslims looking to emigrate to America and Europe. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Europeans have learned the hard way that Muslims are not cut from a politically-correct one-size-fits-all mold. Some, like the Khans, are worthy of our welcome. But many others are not. The harsh reality remains that the Muslim threat to the West is very real, and that we must do a better job of controlling our own immigration process. Mr. Trump has vowed to do that—not with the concentration camps that the Democrats used against Japanese Americans in World War II, but with a more focused screening, starting with a moratorium on immigrants from nations known to harbor Muslim terrorists. Just how far we should go to protect ourselves is a worthy topic for civilized debate.

The Democrats and their media acolytes don’t care about any of this. They just want to win in November. So, in their typical us-versus-them approach, they are looking to solidify their PC base and capture the Muslim-American vote by whatever means are needed. For our part, we need to get back to finding ways to fix the many messes Obama is leaving in the wake of his disastrous presidency.


Blaine Winship is the author of Moralnomics: The Moral Path to Prosperity (Moralnomics Press), available in hardcover from and in e-books from and  (“Moralnomics” is a trademark owned by Blaine H. Winship.


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