Radical Left Goes Bonkers After Florida Votes to Eliminate Woke Disney’s Special Tax District 

People from the Walt Disney Company participate in the annual LA Pride Parade in West Holl
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The radical left on Thursday went bonkers after the Florida legislature voted to eliminate woke Disney’s special tax district.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) proposed terminating Disney’s 1967 Reedy Creek Improvement District because the entertainment company pursued anti-family, transgender programming for young children.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District is a 50-year-old special statute that shields Disney from massive amounts of tax obligations and regulations. The statute allows Disney to essentially self-govern. It should be noted Disney employs 38 lobbyists in Florida and has a strong hold on state Democrats and establishment Republicans.

After the House successfully voted to end the district, the radical left immediately took to Twitter to voice their anger over the legislative initiative.

Huffington Post writer, Ann Brenoff, stated Disney should uproot its 25,000-acre theme park complex in Florida and move it elsewhere.

Ashton Pittman, Mississippi Free Press writer, said the termination moved forward because Disney “dared” to criticize the state’s “hateful law attacking LGBTQ kids.”

Political branding strategist, Rachel Bitecofer, who hosts a Ukrainian flag in her Twitter bio, said the Republicans’ initiative is just about showing “they’ve got you by the balls.”

Rosanna Arquette, an “activist” who states “Racism Is Terrorism,” said Democrats should register more voters to change the law. Republicans overtook Democrats in voter registration for the first time in the history of Florida in the last few months.

The USA Singers, which stands “with Democracy” and opposes “Fascism,” said Republicans want to cancel “Disney, Sesame Street, Mr. Potato Head, football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, Democracy, and free & fair elections.”

Judd Legum, who writes “Popular Information” and is “dedicated to accountability journalism,” said the Republicans are abusing power. Florida Republicans control the House, Senate, and governorship.

Mr. Jeremy Newberger, “Emmy nominated Filmmaker, TV Director, joke writer,” tweeted that “Florida doesn’t want the kind of tourists who visit Disney. They would prefer the kind of tourists who visited the Capitol on 1/6.”

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