Anxious Rookie Attempts 'Comeback'

Anxious Rookie Attempts 'Comeback'

Royce White is attempting a comeback. Oddly, he is only in the first season of his professional basketball career.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder that affects him in numerous ways including a fear of flight, White, the 16th pick in this summer’s NBA Draft, has not actively participated as a member of the Houston Rockets since early November.

The 6’8″ forward with excellent ball skills and basketball instincts has often viciously lashed out at the Rockets organization and has previously refused assignment to the developmental league as he sought to deal with his mental health issues.

Now, White is playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers as he seeks to make a comeback to get a league he has never played in.

The Rockets can only hope that White is able to find a way to cope with the anxiety and take the necessary steps to be an NBA player. While the former Iowa State Cyclone is unlikely to ever emerge as one of the league’s elite players, he is a complete player who could be a nice #3 option on a top end team if his issues can be dealt with.