Report: Terrell Owens Harasses Woman for Three Hours

Report: Terrell Owens Harasses Woman for Three Hours

Terrell Owens was dramatic on the field, often getting into public quarrels with teammates and coaches, and he may be remembered more for his celebratory touchdown dances than anything he ever accomplished on the field.

Unfortunately for Owens, who has now been out of the league since 2010, he seems to be just as dramatic off the field.

In addition to legal and financial troubles that have plagued the former star receiver, Owens was recently involved in an incident at the home of a young woman. TMZ reported that Owens was banging on this unidentified woman’s door for three hours before the police arrived.

The woman was reportedly not concerned with her safety, just annoyed with Owens. The episode ended once the cops arrived, and no explanation has been forthcoming from the flamboyant former receiver.