World Baseball Classic Kicks off Friday: Complete Schedule

World Baseball Classic Kicks off Friday: Complete Schedule

For baseball fans who are ready for more intense competition than Spring Training Games, the World Baseball Classic starts Friday at 11:30 p.m. ET when Taiwan hosts Australia. Joe Torre returns to the dugout, this time as manager of a US team that has failed to make the finals in the two previous WBC’s in 2006 and 2009. The championship game will be played in San Francisco on March 19, however each team will need to emerge from a 4-team pool first, and here is the schedule for all pool games:

Date Day Time World Baseball Classic Location
1-Mar Fri 11:30PM Australia @ Chinese Taipei Taichung, Taiwan
2-Mar Sat 10:30PM Cuba @ Brazil Fukuoka, Japan
2-Mar Sat 5:00AM Japan @ Brazil Fukuoka, Japan
2-Mar Sat 6:30AM Korea @ Netherlands Taichung, Taiwan
3-Mar Sun 1:30AM Netherlands @ Chinese Taipei Taichung, Taiwan
3-Mar Sun 5:00AM China @ Japan Fukuoka, Japan
4-Mar Mon 11:30PM Australia @ Netherlands Taichung, Taiwan
4-Mar Mon 2:30AM China @ Cuba Fukuoka, Japan
4-Mar Mon 5:30AM Korea @ Australia Taichung, Taiwan
5-Mar Tue 3:00AM Brazil @ China Fukuoka, Japan
5-Mar Tue 6:30AM Chinese Taipei @ Korea Taichung, Taiwan
6-Mar Wed 5:00AM Japan @ Cuba Fukuoka, Japan
7-Mar Thu 3:00PM Italy @ Mexico Phoenix, Arizona
7-Mar Thu 6:30PM Venezuela @ Dominican Rep. San Juan, Puerto Rico
8-Mar Fri 2:30PM Canada @ Italy Phoenix, Arizona
8-Mar Fri 5:30PM Spain @ Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
8-Mar Fri 9:00PM Mexico @ United States Phoenix, Arizona
9-Mar Sat 11:00AM Dominican Rep. @ Spain San Juan, Puerto Rico
9-Mar Sat 2:30PM Canada @ Mexico Phoenix, Arizona
9-Mar Sat 5:30PM Puerto Rico @ Venezuela San Juan, Puerto Rico
9-Mar Sat 9:00PM United States @ Italy Phoenix, Arizona
10-Mar Sun 12:30PM Spain @ Venezuela San Juan, Puerto Rico
10-Mar Sun 4:00PM United States @ Canada Phoenix, Arizona
10-Mar Sun 7:30PM Dominican Rep. @ Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico

This year he hopes that international players have as much trouble hitting R.A. Dickey’s knuckleballs as they did in the Major Leagues this year. The US will not open play until a week from Friday at 8 p.m. ET when they play Mexico in Phoenix. The US will also play Italy and Canada in one of four pools of four teams each. Two teams advance from each pool. If two teams have records of 3-0 and 2-1 then they both advance. However, if three teams go 1-2, then only the team with the best run differential advances along with the 3-0 team. If three teams go 2-1, then the top two run differentials advance.

The competition has been very exciting in the past two series, except for an occasional game in which a team knew they would advance due to a huge run differential they already had while going 1-2.

For more details, see AP story here.