Jarron Collins: I'm the Other One

Jarron Collins: I'm the Other One

When Jason and Jarron Collins were simply insignificant NBA big men, confusing the two would be completely understandable and likely met with a laugh or even ignored by the former Stanford stars.

Now that Jason Collins has come out as a homosexual, any confusion takes on an entirely new meaning.

Jarron Collins told Yahoo! Sports that he is mistaken for his brother quite often, although he has not received any negativity resulting from the confusion. Nevertheless, he is quick to point out the mistake.

“The most awkward was going through security,” Collins said. “Someonewas going through, put their keys down, looked at me and said, ‘Collins!Hey.’ I’m like, ‘I’m the other one. That’s my brother.’ “

The fame and recognizability of either Collins is a new phenomenon as neither has averaged more than four points per game over the course of their careers, however, this new found familiarity is likely to create plenty of “awkward” moments for Jarron in the future.