Mario Williams Denies He Contemplated Suicide

Mario Williams Denies He Contemplated Suicide

Life should be good for Mario Williams. At age 28, he is coming off his best season since 2008 and has only played the first season of a six year deal worth $96 million with the Buffalo Bills.

Williams’s ex-fiancee has said he sent her text messages that indicated he considered ending his life while they were having relationship problems.

Williams insists that is not the case.

The texts in question have been released by the lawyer of his ex-fiancee and indicate that the 6’6″ 292 pound defensive end was on narcotics that no one was aware of, and that he was having suicidal thoughts.

When it came time for Williams’ side of the story on Monday afternoon, he was adamant that the only pills he ever took were ones that were prescribed by the team. He also indicated a sense of betrayal that texts shared in confidence, texts Williams says were merely “venting,” were released in this manner.

Williams said his ex-fiancee has taken his texts “out of context’ to win a lawsuit over who owns the engagement ring Williams bought her. Williams sued his ex-fiancee recently to get back the ring he gave her, which is valued at nearly $800,000.