Teammate: 80-90% of Team Wants Sanchez Benched

Teammate: 80-90% of Team Wants Sanchez Benched

When your most significant “accomplishment” as an NFL player is a lengthy streak as Sportcenter’s Worst of the Worst Champion, you know things are awry.

For Mark Sanchez, the last few years as the quarterback for the Jets have been something he, and every fan of the Gang Green, would like to forget. His infamous “Butt Fumble” play has gotten so much attention, in part, because it is so emblematic of his tenure with the Jets.

With the writing on the wall, a glimmer of hope came for Sanchez in the form of David Garrard’s retirement. The former Jaguar was signed in the offseason with the hopes of competing for the starting job, but his aging legs could not hold up.

A poor performance on Wednesday that saw him throw three interceptions in eleven passes and the continued loss of confidence from his teammates indicate that even the loss of Garrard may not be enough to keep him off the bench and, in all likelihood, in another uniform.

One teammate estimated that 80-90% of the team believes someone else should be at the helm of the J-E-T-S this next season. However, the team is not bursting with options. 

Based on the current roster, rookie Geno Smith and Greg McElroy would likely vie for the starting job if the team looks in a different direction. Scouting reports on Smith believed that he would have a difficult time if rushed into a starting job, and McElroy is not an NFL caliber starter. Matt Simms will likely be a non-factor.

Regardless of who starts, the Jets are likely to be among the leagues worst teams, with a terrible cast of players and a history of underperforming.