Opinion: Jackie Robinson, Military Man, Was a True Hero

Opinion: Jackie Robinson, Military Man, Was a True Hero

As the political Left continues to minimize the accomplishments of genuine heroes in the Civil Rights movement by making ridiculous comparisons to the “gay rights” movement, it is all the more important to remember what true courage looks like.

When Jason Collins came out, numerous members of the media rushed to compare that act with the courage displayed by Jackie Robinson.

As Breitbart Sports noted in a previous column, the courage displayed by Jackie Robinson throughout his career far outpaced anything Collins has done.

Moreover, Robinson’s courage extended far beyond the baseball field. The late great Dodger was also a member of our nation’s armed forces during WWII, and, while serving in the Army, he took a stand against what he knew to be wrong.

Long before Rosa Parks, the man who would break the color barrier took the symbolic action of standing by sitting that would become so emblematic of the non-violent Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King. As a young lieutenant, Robinson refused to go to the back of the bus when ordered to do so.

The action resulted in a court martial in 1944, whereas Collins’ coming out led to a warm embrace from the White House nearly seventy years later.

Robinson was drafted into the military in 1942. A damaged ankle, and a mother in his care, Robinson likely could have gotten out of service. Nevertheless, he continued to serve despite institutionalized Jim Crowe and countless other difficulties.

When arrested following the bus incident, none of the men there to take Robinson outranked him, and he was brazenly referred to as “the ni*ger lieutenant.”

In this episode, we see an example of true courage, true heroism. Robinson sacrificed much to serve our country, he stood for something, and was the subject of hostile treatment because of the color of his skin.

As we think about our lost soldiers, it is important to remember the true meaning of the word “hero.” In this day and age, the “heroes” of the Left quickly become media darlings, embraced by the powerful elites while true heroes are cast aside and often mocked.

When the word “hero” is tossed about flippantly, we fail to properly recognize the true courage that has shaped the nation and the freedoms we enjoy. Our soldiers are heroes, and their families make heroic sacrifices as well. On Memorial Day, we must all take time to remember the true meaning of hero and recognize the courage of those who have made the greatest sacrifice of all.

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