Conservative Spokesman the Star of Senior Games

Conservative Spokesman the Star of Senior Games

CLEVELAND, OH – The basketball competition at the National Senior Games features numerous former collegiate stars and stellar players, yet it was one participant, at the 75-79 year old division, that caused the biggest stir at the games.

Pat Boone, the singer, actor, and conservative spokesman was clearly the biggest star of the games with countless participants, their family members, observers, and staff members for the games approaching Boone for a quick photo-op.

The fascinating element of Boone’s stardom was the fact that, while many were eager to speak with the legendary performer about his musical career, perhaps even more referenced Boone’s stance on moral issues, politics, and his role as spokesman for the 60 Plus Association.

Remarks such as: “Thank you for what you do for our nation,” “I really appreciate your willingness to speak out,” and “I get your robocalls” were equally inter-mixed with praise for Boone’s music.

Among the seniors present at the games, Boone’s current role standing against Obamacare, fighting the “death tax,” and speaking out on behalf of conservatives was just as important as the music that made him one of the nation’s biggest stars in the 50s and 60s.

“I think seniors are appreciative of those who are willing to speak out for them,” Boone told Breitbart Sports. “Too often, liberal groups such as the AARP are forcing their agenda upon seniors. It has been a pleasure for me to serve as spokesman for a conservative alternative to that organization, and it was amazing to see how many seniors were appreciative of my service in that role.”

While Boone was certainly the celebrity presence of the games, he also made an impact on the court after taking off his famous white bucks in exchange for white sneakers.

The conservative spokesman provided a “boon” to his team with stellar defense and rebounding. Boone also provided a key free throw in a tight game against Colorado and made a spectacular behind the back assist to teammate Del Wilson that quickly became the most talked about play at the tournament.

“I had a lot of fun participating in these games, and I am glad that I was able to help my team,” said Boone. “I hope that my participation encourages other seniors to get involved, to stay in shape, and strive for their personal best,” he added, referencing the theme of the tournament.