Michael Irvin: I'm 'Guilty' of Using N-Word

Michael Irvin: I'm 'Guilty' of Using N-Word

Michael Irvin was a has never had a problem sharing his thoughts on or off the field. However, to the regret of the Hall of Famer, his vocabulary has included the N-word. That fact, and the fact that others frequently use it as well, makes him critical of the what he felt is the hypocrisy surrounding Eagles receiver Riley Cooper.

The former Cowboys wide receiver pointed to song lyrics and athletes who use the word without a second thought or any public outcry.

“We’re making millions of dollars off of saying it, and everybody’ssaying it and then we turn around and get so mad that someone else saysit,” Irvin said in an interview over the weekend. “And I’m guilty. I’m guilty. Maybe we should startlooking at that, because I want harmony for my sons. I want us to beable to live together in harmony and I think that’s what we all shouldwork towards. And maybe we should start looking at that.”

Irvin also added that he believed Cooper did “a wonderful job” with his apology issued Wednesday in response to his usage of the racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert in June.