Islamic Jihadist College Basketball Coach Arrested

Islamic Jihadist College Basketball Coach Arrested

Christopher Craig, a former college basketball player and coach, is a self-described “Islamist jihadist” whose threats and drug use finally resulted in his arrest on Thursday.

Craig played for UTEP as a student-athlete and was a coach at Utah State University Eastern and Norther Colorado University.

Recently, he has been heard making threats to Mormons and Catholics. The Sun Advocate wrote the following on Craig:

“In recent months, Craig’s online comments concerning the Apocalypse andreligious jihad have piqued the interest of federal and internationalauthorities. While he has not been booked concerning the shotgun shellsfound in his possession in Carbon County, Capt Barnes did state that theFBI would be considering federal weapons charges.”

However, while the threats and ammunition would have likely eventually gotten Craig into trouble, it was the drugs that resulted in the arrest. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found on Craig at the time of his arrest.

Last month, the 32-year-old former coach was arrested for making threatening statements to people on the campus of Eastern Arizona College.