RG3 Bonds, Prays with Mom Every Week During Football Season

RG3 Bonds, Prays with Mom Every Week During Football Season

Much has been written about Robert Griffin III’s father, but less has been revealed about his mother. In GQ’s story, Griffin said he often bonds with his mother and prays together with her every week during football season. 

As GQ describes it in the magazine’s cover story:

RG3 and his mom have a long-running tradition. Every week during football season, normally on Thursday or Friday, he sits down in front of her and she braids his hair. “In the military, it was very important that you kept your appearance neat and tidy,” says Jackie. “You don’t want him to be all messed up. You want him to look nice and neat and putting his best foot forward.”

There’s nothing superstitious or ritualistic about it, it’s just a “bonding time” for mother and son to sit quietly and catch up. They talk about life, and they talk about football. About playing smart and playing safe. They talk about being grateful for all they have, about maintaining a constant relationship with God. Not outwardly, so everyone has to hear it, but inwardly. Privately. And sometimes, when they’ve finished talking, they’ll put their hands together and do the same thing that, if all goes according to plan, many of us will be doing the first time RG3 sprints into hostile Eagles territory: “Just praying.”