Fox Sports 1 Aiming to Be 'Fun'

Fox Sports 1 Aiming to Be 'Fun'

Reasons for ESPN’s lack of viewership range from the network’s lack of fun and personality exhibited on its programs (unlike in its infancy) to the liberal agenda that has been infused with its sports coverage in recent years.

Fox Sports 1, which is set to launch in days to compete with ESPN, is aiming to restore the “fun” of sports coverage. 

In touching on its market niche, an executive for Fox, Scott Ackerman, said:

“ESPN has done a fantastic job of educating people in terms of sports. Well, I don’t really want to teach. I want people to believe that theyare eavesdropping on a conversation among really smart people who havebeen in the arena, who are talking sports, and who you’d really wish youcould have a beer with.”

With the personalities the network has attracted and is pursuing as well as the rejection of the political agenda of the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports,” Fox Sports 1 could be on track to accomplish its “fun” objective.