Pryor Making Strong Move for Raiders Starting Job

Pryor Making Strong Move for Raiders Starting Job

It is deja vu for Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn. For the second consecutive year, the former LSU standout was acquired by a team hoping to make him their starting quarterback, and, once again, it looks like he may lose that spot to a younger, more mobile signal caller.

After a stellar performance on Friday against the Chicago Bears, Terrelle Pryor will get the starting nod on Thursday against the Seattle Seahawks. Pryor, the former #1 overall recruit who cut his career with Ohio State short after issues surrounding the receipt of tattoos in exchange for memorabilia, was able to energize a stagnant Raiders offense with a strong playmaking ability.

It was clear after the last exhibition game that the Raiders needed to see more of Pryor who has played far better than Flynn, the presumed starter.

While the former Buckeye star will get the chance to make his case to Oakland’s decision makers, Flynn will have no such opportunity to respond. Like last preseason where Russell Wilson beat him out in Seattle, he will sit out the game with elbow tendinitis.

In recent months, there has been a significant amount of discussion regarding Pryor’s maturation. However, few felt he would be in a position to take the job from Flynn. In answering questions from the media, the athletic quarterback mostly deflected, but he did take issue with the booing that took place when Flynn was on the field.

“We’re all on theRaiders, and everybody is for each other, and I believe you have to bewith each other through thick and thin,” Pryor said. “When problemshappen, you can’t boo a guy. We’ve got to be better than that, andRaider Nation will be better than that, I believe.”

Although Flynn was booed, fans cheered wildly when Pryor entered the game. With a strong showing Thursday night, the Raider Nation may find themselves cheering for him as their starting quarterback when the regular season begins.