Bama on Top in First BCS Rankings

Bama on Top in First BCS Rankings

In its quest for a third consecutive national title, Alabama is on top of the first BCS standings that were released on Sunday. Florida State is in second, but Oregon, ranked No. 3, is projected to play Alabama for the national title at the Rose Bowl if all three teams win out. Ohio State is fourth, followed by Missouri, the surprise team of the year in the SEC and perhaps the country. Stanford is the highest-ranked one-loss team at No. 6. 

Of the top six teams, though, Ohio State may have the easiest schedule. Alabama has to face LSU and a resurgent Auburn team in the Iron Bowl in addition to playing in the SEC title game. Florida State has to play Miami and Florida in the regular season. Oregon has to play UCLA and Stanford, which stifled them at Autzen Stadium last year. Missouri will likely face Alabama if they make the SEC title game. Meanwhile, Ohio State’s toughest competition will be Michigan, a team they may have to play twice–once in the final game of the year and another time in the Big Ten title game if Michigan and Ohio State win their respective divisions. Ohio State is atop its division in the Big Ten while Michigan, with one conference loss, is behind Michigan State and Nebraska.

The BCS’s top ten teams are below

1 Alabama .9841 
2 Florida State .9348 
3 Oregon .9320 
4 Ohio State .8553 
5 Missouri .8219 
6 Stanford .7414 
7 Miami (FL) .7200 
8 Baylor .7120 
9 Clemson .6249
10 Texas Tech .6220