Martin Said He Didn't 'Blame' Incognito in Text

Martin Said He Didn't 'Blame' Incognito in Text

Richie Incognito said on Sunday that Jonathan Martin texted Incognito three days after he left the team and said he did not blame Incognito for his leaving the team.

According to Incognito’s account:

 I texted with him, I text messaged, I spoke with him through text message. And he texted me and said I don’t blame you guys I blame some stuff in the locker room, I blame the culture. I blame what was going on around me. And when all this stuff got going and swirling and bullying got attached to it and my name got attached to it. I just texted him as a friend and was like what’s up with this man. He said its not coming from me, I haven’t said anything to anybody. And I’m like ok.

In the text, Martin said that he did not blame Incognito and the locker room culture “got to me a little.”

Martin’s camp and others have alleged Martin may have sent Incognito those texts because he feared Incognito and did not want to anger him.