Incognito Files Non-Football 'Grievance' Against Dolphins

Incognito Files Non-Football 'Grievance' Against Dolphins

Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito has reportedly filed a non-football grievance challenging his indefinite suspensions by the Dolphins, which could cost Incognito over a million dollars in game checks. 

According to ESPN:

Under Article 42 of the collective bargaining agreement, the maximum a player can be suspended by a team for detrimental conduct is four weeks plus an additional game check. In this case, that would amount to $1,276,470.59.

The Dolphins have not defined the length of the suspension, which was announced in the late evening on Nov. 3 following allegations of harassment and misconduct toward teammate Jonathan Martin.


Under the labor agreement, all non-football injury grievances must be heard by a neutral arbitrator. Incognito has requested an expedited hearing.

The Dolphins reportedly have until December 3, at the latest, to make a decision on Incognito.