Florida State, Ohio State Take Top Two BCS Spots

Florida State, Ohio State Take Top Two BCS Spots

After Auburn dethroned Alabama in an Iron Bowl and college football game for the ages on Saturday, the Tigers still could not crack the top two in the BCS.

Florida State is No. 1 and Ohio State is No. 2, which means if both schools win their respective conference title games next week, Florida State and Ohio State will most likely meet in Pasadena for the BCS title game in college football’s most storied venue. 

If Florida State loses to Duke and/or Ohio State loses to Michigan State, chaos will ensue, with Alabama having an outside chance to go for a third straight title.

If Auburn, which plays No. 5 Missouri in the SEC title game, Ohio State, and Florida State all win next weekend, there is an outside chance a one-loss Auburn team could move ahead of an undefeated Ohio State if Auburn dominates and Ohio State struggles. Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said that it would be “un-American” if a one-loss SEC champion did not make it to the BCS title game. 

This is the last year of the BCS before college football institutes a four-team playoff next year. The SEC conference and the state of Alabama have won the last seven and four titles, respectively. Both streaks are in jeopardy even though one of the top two teams in the country most likely is in the SEC conference and perhaps in the state of Alabama. 

1 Florida State .9948 

2 Ohio State .9503 

3 Auburn .9233 

4 Alabama .8539 

5 Missouri .8428 

6 Oklahoma State 

7 Stanford .7069 

8 South Carolina 

9 Baylor .6623 

10 Michigan State .6529