Report: Hernandez Beats Up Inmate

Report: Hernandez Beats Up Inmate

The sheriff of Bristol County, Massachusetts segregated an incarcerated Aaron Hernandez to protect him from other inmates. He might want to think about keeping the former New England Patriots end segregated to protect the general population in the jail.

TMZ reports that Hernandez beat up an inmate in the Bristol County Jail today “pretty badly.” Jailers apparently allowed Hernandez to take an unsupervised walk. On his stroll, he encountered a man who had been harassing him and a fight ensued. Unsuprisingly, the 245-pound former professional athlete won the scrap. 

Massachusetts state police arrested Hernandez last June for the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd. The player on the receiving end of Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl touchdown pass faces two additional possible murder counts. He remains a subject of speculation in the killings of two immigrants who had trouble with Hernandez’s group in a Boston nightclub the summer previous from Lloyd’s murder.