After Derek Carr Injures Finger, Bill Romanowski Offers to Amputate His Own Finger

Derek Carr
The Associated Press

After Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr’s gruesome finger injury on Sunday, former NFL great and all-around tough guy Bill Romanowski responded via Twitter just like you would expect him to react.

Before Romanowski’s reaction, though, first witness Carr’s finger injury in which his finger points in a direction that no one’s finger should ever point:


That’s pretty awful. Now witness Romanowski’s heartfelt and sympathetic message of support:

Twitter might want to make sure this account really belongs to Romanowski, because the man I knew wouldn’t have merely offered to amputate his own finger, but also the fingers of his opponents, just to even the playing field.

The NFL has already gone soft. Now Bill Romanowski, too? Terrible.

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