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Dem Rep Sherman: Hillary Too ‘Busy’ to Use Gov’t E-mail

Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) maintained that Hillary Clinton was likely too “busy” to use her State Department e-mail in an appearance on Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live” that took place before Clinton’s press conference. “If a government employee uses the government account


California Democrat ‘Honored’ to Escort Netanyahu into Congress

While nearly 1 in 4 congressional Democrats had announced their intention to boycott Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, one California Democrat said that he was “honored” to have been chosen to be among the legislators who escort Netanyahu into the House chamber.

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Qatar Releases Hamas-friendly Ceasefire Offer

Tel Aviv, Israel — The government of Qatar has reportedly drafted terms for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Qatar has long been known as a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hamas charter clearly states that the terror

Qatar Releases Hamas-friendly Ceasefire Offer

Video: Who Are The Bro-Choicers?

Last week, I wrote about the disgraceful “bro-choice” movement,  created by horny young men who think “women’s right to choose” translates to “men’s right to use.” Back in the day, women’s libbers would have called such men “male chauvinist pigs.”

Lawmakers: Briefing from NSA Didn't Fully Address Privacy

On Tuesday, many Representatives left a briefing about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs unsatisfied that their concerns about privacy were fully addressed.  Lawmakers met with officials from the Justice Department, the National Security Agency, and the FBI about the

Lawmakers: Briefing from NSA Didn't Fully Address Privacy