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North Korea Sends Tourism Agency Team to Cuba

North Korea state media revealed Tuesday that the communist nation had sent a delegation from its tourism agency to its close ally Cuba, presumably for advice on how to generate more revenue for the government without having to make material changes to its atrocious human rights record.

Tourists take photos from a viewing deck of the Juche tower in front of the city skyline o

Cuba Smears Its American Victims: Owners of Property Stolen by Castro Were ‘Delinquents’

Cuba’s state newspaper Granma continued its campaign against the United States’ decision to allow Americans to sue companies who profit from companies using their stolen property this week, arguing in a column Wednesday that the communist theft of their properties was legal because it was a “sovereign” act and the true owners of the properties were “delinquents.”

HAVANA, CUBA: Cuban President Fidel Castro (R) and Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Hun S

Cuba Caves, Will Allow Cuban Americans on Carnival Cruise Ships to Land

The government of Cuba, after weeks of pressure from pro-freedom activists and a lawsuit against corporate giant Carnival Cruise, will make an exception to a law banning U.S. citizens born in Cuba from landing on the island by sea. Passengers aboard Carnival’s Fathom cruise line will be the beneficiaries of that policy change.

Carnival got official approval to send its first cruise ship to Cuba from the United State

Carnival Backtracks After Lawsuit, Will Allow Cuban-Americans on Cuba Cruises

Carnival Cruises has agreed to rescind its policy of not selling tickets for its newly-announced Cuba cruises to U.S. citizens born in Cuba. Should Cuba ban these individuals from docking, Carnival has promised to delay the program’s maiden voyage. This represents a change in policy following a civil rights lawsuit filed against the corporation.

Tourists lie on the beach as cruise ship Carnival Magic is seen near the shores of Cozumel