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Video: Venezuelan Socialists Force Children to Sing Profane ‘Yanqui Go Home’ Hate Song

Venezuelans captive to the state propaganda that has become the only viewing option on television captured a segment making social media rounds Thursday featuring children singing a song called “Yanqui Go Home,” insulting starving Venezuelan refugees and telling them to “go to your mother’s c*nt and see if shit goes better there for you.”

A boy carries two pineapples he found in the trash area of the Coche public market in Caracas, Venezuela. (Fernando Llano/AP)

Venezuela’s #2 Threatens US Media with Lawsuit for Outing Him as Cocaine Kingpin

The president of Venezuela’s National Assembly–the Venezuelan government’s second-in-command–has announced he will seek to take legal action in the United States and Spain against media outlets that have published reports alleging that he is being investigated for running a cocaine trafficking organization.

AP Photo/Fernando Llano