EU Migrant Policy in Disarray As Court Rules Migrants Can Be Returned to Struggling Border States

The Court of Justice of the European Union has rejected the advice of one of its own Advocates-General to rule that migrants can be sent back to the bloc’s border states, effectively overturning the “open door” policy ushered in by Germany’s Angela Merkel in 2015 – but, contradictorily, it also appears set to uphold a scheme to redistribute migrants from those border states to other EU members.


Fears of Intentional Attack Surround Manhattan Cathedral Fire

According to an article in the New York Post, some members of the Christian Orthodox community believe the massive fire that destroyed a historic cathedral in Manhattan was set deliberately, as part of an organized attack that destroyed three other churches around the world on Orthodox Easter Sunday.

Fears of Intentional Attack Surround Manhattan Cathedral Fire

Slovenian Army Deployed To Border With Croatia To ‘Help Police’

The Slovenian parliament late Monday authorised the army to help police manage the flow of migrants crossing the Croatian border into Europe’s Schengen passport-free zone, which has been rocked by the refugee crisis.The bill sailed through, approved by 69 votes


Crackdown: Austria Signals Tougher Line on Migrants

VIENNA (AFP) –  Austria’s interior minister signalled Friday a tougher line on migrants, saying that from next weekend it will follow Germany’s lead and turn back any new arrivals seeking to claim asylum in Scandinavia.“Right now on the Austrian-German border only


Anti-Mass Migration Conservatives Win Croatia Election

Croatia’s conservative opposition won the country’s first election since it joined the European Union in 2013, partial results from Sunday’s election showed, but its narrow victory meant lengthy coalition talks were likely to follow in the next days or weeks.The

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Croatia Goes To The Polls Facing Migrant Invasion, Economy Woes

Croatians began voting in a general election today with conservatives aspiring to return to power, as the European Union (EU) nation faces a wave of migrants and slowly emerges from six years of recession.Opinion polls predict a tight race between the

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