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Militants from the radical Islamic group Hamas, jog during a rally past an effigy of Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz, hanging at a makeshift gallows in the northern West Bank town of Jenin, 27 March 2004.

Top EU Lawyer: Drop Hamas From Global Terror List

A top EU lawyer on Thursday said Islamist movement Hamas and Sri Lankan rebel group LTTE should be taken off the bloc’s terror list because procedural mistakes invalidated the decision to put them on it.

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EU’s Donald Tusk Hints At Chance For UK To Stay In Block

(AP) – The head of the European Council says the European Union must wait for the British government to decide whether to leave the bloc or stay in it. Donald Tusk says Thursday that the European Treaty puts no pressure

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MPs Warn: Cameron’s ‘Reforms’ Change Nothing In UK-EU Relationship

Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposed European Union (EU) reforms would not fundamentally change Britain’s relationship with the bloc and there is no certainty anything promised would actually be delivered, a committee of lawmakers said on Tuesday. Last month, Cameron set

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Key Eurocrat Admits: Migrant Crisis Could ‘Disintegrate’ The EU

The migrant crisis now convulsing Europe could spell the end of the European Union (EU), a key Eurocrat has warned. Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, believes the inability of member nations to absorb

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European Summit Triples Funding for Immigration Control in Mediterranean

In Thursday’s five-hour emergency meeting of the European Council on the issue of immigration, representatives of the 28 member states agreed to triple funding for the Triton operation of European border protection. Its new 120 million euro budget is now aligned with resources allocated to its predecessor operation, called “Mare Nostrum.”