Family Units

Wilcox: Trump Has Broad Legal Powers to Stop the Migrant Caravan

No one should doubt President Trump’s resolve to stop the thousands-strong “caravan” of foreigners heading toward our southern border. What they expect to find is what previous caravans, and also unaccompanied minors and family units, have experienced.

Central American migrants walking to the U.S. start their day departing Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018. Despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border, about 5,000 Central American migrants resumed their advance toward the U.S. border early Sunday in southern Mexico.

ACLU Sues DHS to Force Release of Migrants With Children

The pro-migration ACLU is suing the Department of Homeland Security to help economic migrants use children to smuggle themselves into the United States. President Donald Trump’s DHS tries to detain all migrants pending their asylum hearing because it is easier to repatriate


Migrant ‘Family Unit’ Breakdown: 1.2 Minors Per 1 Adult

The government tally of unaccompanied minors is slightly more straight-forward than the data for “family units.” While the totals of unaccompanied minors ostensibly show the number of immigrants detained at the border who under the age of 18 and without a parent or legal guardian. The “family unit” totals contain data of both children and adults.

ICE Family Detention Centers (1)