7 Reasons Millennials are Financially Doomed

As the presidential race shifts into high gear, college students and recent graduates are still being largely ignored, except by one candidate whose promises of rainbows and unicorns are dreams – not reality.

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HSBC to Shed up to 50,000 Jobs, Slash Investment Bank

HSBC  will shed almost 50,000 jobs and take an axe to its investment bank, cutting the assets of Europe’s biggest lender by a quarter in a bid to simplify and improve its sluggish performance. The bank said on Tuesday about


‘Grexit’ Brinkmanship is Classic Greek Tragedy

The populists are screening a modern Greek Tragedy wherein the noble Greek people are forced to suffer deprivations in return for the villainous German-controlled creditors pretend to loan Greece money that mostly repay existing EU loans used to buy German imports. But with Greece on the brink of running out of cash, and Greece’s creditors running out of patience, a compromise may be coming together to avoid an overt ‘Grexit’ by allowing for a devalued “Greek euro.”