Report: Protesters Swarm Iran’s Grand Bazaar in Tehran

TEHRAN, Iran — Protesters in the Iranian capital reportedly swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls, apparently angry over the Islamic Republic’s troubled economy, months after similar demonstrations rocked the country.

Iranians shop at Tehran's ancient Grand Bazaar on January 4, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / ATTA KENARE (Photo credit should read ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

Dash Upgrade Promises Lower Fees — and Strong Competition for Bitcoin, Visa

Dash ($DASH), a decentralized digital currency, released an upgrade to its blockchain code Wednesday that promises to reduce most transaction fees to less than a third of a penny, boasting that it has upgraded its scaling capabilities as Bitcoin struggles under the load of its users’ activity.

A picture taken on February 5, 2013 in Nice shows a person inserting a Visa Premier credit card in an ATM (automated teller machine). French police has arrested, early this morning in Paris and in several French and overseas departments, 22 people in connection with the trade of credit cards …

Reports: Saudi Banks Freeze 1,200 Accounts in Corruption Crackdown

TEL AVIV — Saudi Arabia’s central bank and other banks have frozen the accounts of 1200 companies and officials as a widespread crackdown against corruption at the highest levels of the kingdom’s leadership continues, reported the Saudi paper Okaz.

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‘We’re Ready to Fight’: Elizabeth Warren Calls for Campaign Finance Reform

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a potential candidate for the 2020 presidential election, took on a populist tone in her speech at the Center for American Progress 2017 Ideas Conference on Tuesday as she called for the rooting out of money’s influence in politics and continued her resistance against President Donald Trump.

Warren denounced the influence of money in politics and the trend toward corporate consolidation in a passionate speech at a Center for American Progress conference.

Dating Site Matches Users by Credit Score

Credit Score Dating, an online dating site which provides users with an indication of the credit scores of others, allows you to find a romantic partner with minimal debt.

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Analysts Fear Looming Italian Bank Failure

As if the immigration crisis and ever more strained relationship with Brussels weren’t enough, now Italians have to face the specter of a major bank failure that analysts say could utterly cripple Italy’s financial structure.

The new 50 EURO banknote is presented at the European Central Bank, ECB in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on July 5, 2016. / AFP / DANIEL ROLAND (Photo credit should read DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images)

7 Reasons Millennials are Financially Doomed

As the presidential race shifts into high gear, college students and recent graduates are still being largely ignored, except by one candidate whose promises of rainbows and unicorns are dreams – not reality.

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European Stocks Stabilize Tuesday After China Debacle

On Tuesday, European stock markets rose slightly early in the morning after a steep decline in China’s market Monday took global stocks spiraling after it. In early gains, Paris rose 0.36%, Frankfurt 0.31%, Milan 0.94% and London 0.71%, while the

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HSBC to Shed up to 50,000 Jobs, Slash Investment Bank

HSBC  will shed almost 50,000 jobs and take an axe to its investment bank, cutting the assets of Europe’s biggest lender by a quarter in a bid to simplify and improve its sluggish performance. The bank said on Tuesday about


‘Grexit’ Brinkmanship is Classic Greek Tragedy

The populists are screening a modern Greek Tragedy wherein the noble Greek people are forced to suffer deprivations in return for the villainous German-controlled creditors pretend to loan Greece money that mostly repay existing EU loans used to buy German imports. But with Greece on the brink of running out of cash, and Greece’s creditors running out of patience, a compromise may be coming together to avoid an overt ‘Grexit’ by allowing for a devalued “Greek euro.”