PHOTOS: Fashion Designer Hubert de Givenchy Dies, Legacy Lives Through Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic Wardrobe

Givenchy, who died Monday, is the man not only behind Hepburn’s iconic wardrobe but he’s also responsible for one of France’s most powerful fashion houses. Known for modernity and innovation of fabrics, as Givenchy passes, his legacy lives through Hepburn’s clothes from American films such as ‘Charade,’ ‘How to Steal a Million,’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’

Audrey Hepburn

French Police Classified Second Police Shooting as ‘Terrorist Attack’

French authorities classified the death of police officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe, 25, a terrorist attack. The shooting is France’s second terrorist attack within a span of 24 hours. Two gunmen slaughtered twelve people at Charlie Hebdo headquarters on Wednesday as they screamed, “Allahu Akbar!” Even though both are considered terrorist attacks, authorities did not initially link the attacks, though reports are now surfacing that the three suspects may be related.